Serving in the Kingdom

An imager of the King.

Jeffrey Pitts is a child of God, happily married, and father of 6.

Jeffrey currently works with Software development, network engineering, and cyber security.

Enjoying the outdoors, Jeffrey runs a small farm with sheep and chickens. A certified Permaculture Designer, he enjoys edible landscaping and agroforestry. He also enjoys going on adventures with Trail Life.

You can follow him on Facebook or Instagram @JeffreyPittsAuthor or any of the other links on this web site.


Writer of “An Advent for the Cosmos”, published by Naked Bible Press in 2020, has since sold thousands of copies around the world.

Permaculture Designer

Enjoys studying creation and designing purpose into everyday landscapes to better serve as life giving environments.

Local Food Producer

Specializes in 100% grass finished lamb while developing an agroforestry biome.

Home School Dad

We love the Ron Paul Curriculum! With their focus on Primary Sources, Regular Writing, and Practical Skills, we have seen our children thrive under their program. It does take a self motivated child. I am really looking forward to History with Tom Woods this year!

We supplement with Saxon math and A.C.E. for early grade materials.

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